There are programs known as the ESP which stands for the English for the Specific purposes and the best EAP is one the most widely enrolled program in the ESP category. The EAP is the English for academic purpose which is entailed by students for the academic purposes and the purpose of this program is to train these foreign students for the language of the country they are going to study at so that they do not face any kind of communication issues when they are studying in these countries.

The program focus on the English levels as well as focuses on the certain terminologies of the major of the university they are aiming to send their students to. There could be business subjects as well and these courses also fulfil the demands of the students related to the linguistics. There are two parts of this program. First consists of the pre sessional courses in which students only study the English courses and then there are sessional courses which include language course and the usual normal routine courses of the major of the students. For USA, the official language test is known as the TOEFL and in UK this test is known as the IELTS. The EAP program is usually the pre sessional program which makes the student capable enough to pass these tests. Usually the score target of the EAP is  6 for the IELTS and around 80 for TOEFL.

However, in some other countries which do not have these tests, they ask students to work at their country in some English academics before they could actually start the degree. The time period of this work could vary from country to country. In some countries this is the time period of one year and in other it may extend to 2 years. The EAP courses have EAP lessons which may be composed of different type of English. There could be some oral practices, some written tests, some group based discussions and interaction. These group based studies or sessional are one the most important component of the entire EAP course because students get to learn a lot from talking and interacting with each other. Not only it enhances their ability to understand English by listening but also increase their fluency in speaking the English. It provides them confidence to express as well. They are taught various grammatical rules and rules of verbal communication during this course which they keep on practice over the time.