Dance is a kind of performing art which normally consist of purposefully selected sequence of human body motion. The movement can be aesthetic and especially symbolic in values. Dance are of various kinds depending upon regions, cultures and rituals. Dance is basically a rhythmic movement to music and sequences of steps. You can say that a series of steps and body movement that relate and coordinate the speed and rhythm of music. 

Dance can be categorized in to a choreographic art. The artists who wish to perform. Actually when you hear some attractive music and you feel like your body is responding to that certain music in a way that your foots starts to top the floor or your fingers start snapping, Gradually you feel and urge to move your whole body. That movement is known to be a natural dance. People around the Globe have used dance for thousands of years to express thoughts, ideas, cultures and regions. Dances have an ability to tell stories and express that you are celebrating something like a good harvest, marriage or independence ceremony. In some cultures, dance is a way of thanking the Gods for everything they have been blesses with or asking for something fortune and prosperity. People are used to dance at weddings and strangely people even dance at funerals for just an expression of feeling whether it is sad or happy. An important part of dance is what costumes are the performers going to use while they are performing and some dancers wear unusual masks and paint their faces for conveying strong expressions to the crowd. Dances can be majorly categorized into the following general types:

Professional Dances

Social Dances

Street Dances

Folk Dances

Classic Dances

Each of them include certain kind of dances performed worldwide and people wish to join as well as watch the performances. Many types of dance can be performed and enjoyed in all ages even dances are complex and have classes whether you are very young children who can learn basics. Dance is a fine way to get the kids moving. Dances can be made a perfect hobby for active children who like to move and respond to music and the best part is that the kids looking for information and knowledge about dance can learn dance classes Tullamarine most quickly at children classes as there are books and websites which are guided with proper professionals to teach dance to the children. Most types of dances can be performed by children. Around the Globe, there are schools and classes which for ballet, modern, street dances, ballroom dances, Irish and folk dances which can be attended by children. Parents of the children performers should help and support the child\’s personal preference that which category will be suitable for their child. Sometimes, Types of dancing are scheduled on weekly basis while others include more.

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