Parents play an important role in children life and because parents are the one who brought them up, kids learn many things from their parents and the house because there are few things which even school don’t teach them they learn from the house like how to think positive and stay calm. Raising a kid is not the easy thing because this is the era of technology if a couple becomes parents they need to tighten up the seat belts and ready for the roller coaster rides because kids are smarter than we think and thanks to the technology. These days’ kids are more into technologies rather than physical activities. For example, when a kid cries a lot of parents give them the phone and play some videos so they become used to of it, in this case, parents are wrong they introduce technology to them and later they regret.

There are many disadvantages of using the phone for the kids it directly affects their eyesight and they become lazy they are not into physical activities because these videos block their mind parents should limit the screen time.

Let them independent

Don’t become overprotective about your kids if they fall to let them stand by themselves because this way they learn how to stand without any support it boosts their morale and they learn to become independent and confident. If your kid study in a preschool and he started colouring let him do and do not interrupt while he is colouring because you might break his tempo these are the little things parents need to understand because if you do this today it will be fruitful to you and your kids later. Click here for more info on Lane Cove preschool.

Make them read

Reading is the best habit because it opens up the mind and mind start working, reading also increase the vocabulary of the kids and makes them intelligent because reading gives little lessons towards life. If your kid into reading you must be lucky parents because reading is known the best habit among kids.

Morning and bedtime conversation

Moring time when kids wake up and bedtime when they kids sleep these two times are important you should do conversation with your kids because at that time they feel relax and they are more productive and come up the best ideas because they are relaxing at that time and parents should listen to them calmly and understand what they are saying and if parents want to convey any message to the kids they should talk to them while they are sleeping or waking up.


Early learning centre plays an important role in kids’ life and if you select the best preschool for the kids their foundation becomes strong. Ekidna Cottage is one the best family daycare where you can leave your kid without worrying about your kid because they provide the best environment and take care of your kid.