Tutors are one of the most important jobs of the society because a teacher or the tutor has the responsibility to shape the future of many children. A good tutor can leave a great impact on the students’ mind and the students follow him on his footsteps. Apart from guiding the student in his academic career the teacher should also teach the student about various other aspects of the society. Just as any other tutor, a chemistry tutor from Tutoring For Excellence also follows all these rules but since chemistry is the difficult and important subject of the science therefore, there are certain skill sets and qualities which make the chemistry tutor best in his subject.

However, the job description and the skill set that is required from the chemistry tutor vary from job to job and to the class of students as well. But in the university level there are certain duties and responsibilities a chemistry tutor must know to perform. First of all, for the tutors who need to teach a complete class must know how to effectively deliver the lecture. For this, a good tutor always prepares the lecture before the class and practice it before actually delivering it. In order to deliver an effective lecture, the teacher himself must have a good knowledge about the various concepts of the chemistry. These concepts generally include the organic, analytic chemistry and the separation chemistry. Apart from delivering the lectures the professional chemistry tutor could also be assigned to supervise the lab work of the students in which the students actually perform the practical which they study in theory. Therefore, the chemistry tutor must not only know the theoretical concept but must be able to practically implement these concepts. Just like the job description of any tutor the chemistry tutor also needs to prepare the exam, evaluates both the lab work and the class work of the students so that he could give the final grades to the students and is able to learn the progress of the students. Some chemistry tutor who are experienced or who also perform the research work on side can have an assistant who can help in these paper evaluation and assessments.

Not only this but in most of the cases, the institutes give tutor the freedom to choose the course therefore, the teacher has to also prepare the course outlines and its outcomes as well and most importantly the tutor needs to have an open office hours for the students so that the students could seek help and guidance from the teacher whenever they want to.